The 2022 new drug development and Cooperation Summit Forum concluded successfully

      China's economic and scientific and technological strength continues to improve rapidly, and China has been in the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation. With the introduction of medical health laws and policies, the continuous construction of drug R & D platforms, the rapid improvement of R & D capabilities and the efforts of domestic scholars, China's medical R & D has made great progress.

      From August 18 to 19, the CPHI "thought sharing meeting" - 2022 new drug development and Cooperation Summit Forum was grandly opened in Suzhou Tantai Lake Hotel. With the theme of "creating new vitality and sharing new wisdom", this meeting will jointly explore the opportunities for China's source innovation, and accelerate the construction of an open communication platform for the innovation drug ecological chain. Nearly 70 top experts and scholars from the fields of small molecule innovative drugs, biological innovative drugs, new vaccines and mRNA vaccines were invited to participate in the conference, which attracted more than 1000 colleagues from domestic and foreign well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, biotechnology companies, academic and scientific research institutions, universities and industry associations.
      ZSMR participated in the forum with domestic leading micro reactor (3D printing micro reactor, silicon carbide micro reactor) and domestic precision three plunger pump and other micro reaction equipment. The aim is to use micro reaction to boost the development of pharmaceutical synthesis, accelerate the rapid development of innovative drugs and overtake in corners.
      Ma Ru, assistant to the general manager, became the visitor to introduce in detail the innovation and application of Zhongshan Zhian in the field of micro reactor pharmaceutical synthesis, solve questions and answer questions on the spot, and exchange in-depth technical solutions of micro reactor in pharmaceutical synthesis. There was an endless stream of visitors.
      The new micro reactor technology can not only realize safe and efficient industrial production, but also quickly help to explore the process parameters of pharmaceutical synthesis. Zhongshan is committed to achieving high-efficiency, green, safe and self-control in synthesis, and hopes to promote China's pharmaceutical synthesis to the international leading level and help China's new drug R & D innovation development and cooperation.
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