The first annual meeting of micro chemical technology and establishment meeting of professional committee of China chemical industry society

       From August 8 to 10, 2022, the first annual meeting of China chemical industry society on micro chemical technology was successfully held in Dongying City, Shandong Province. The theme of this conference is "micro driven innovation and continuous promotion of green". This conference is a grand event in the field of micro chemical technology in China. It can effectively promote academic exchanges in the field of micro chemical industry, provide a high-level platform, disseminate scientific knowledge, enterprise exchanges and industrial cooperation.
      At the same time, the founding meeting of the micro chemical technology professional committee was held in Dongying City. More than 90 experts and scholars and more than 300 representatives from many universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises across the country attended the meeting. At the meeting, academician Fei Weiyang made a speech, Academician Qian Xuhong, academician Han Buxing and academician Xie Zaiku made a report, Hua Wei, vice president and Secretary General of China Society of chemical engineering, and Professor Lv Yangcheng, deputy director of Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University, made a speech.
       Four representatives of ZSMR participated in the grand meeting with 10000 tons of 3D printing micro reactor, silicon carbide micro reactor and three plunger linear flow pump. It aims to promote high-throughput industrial micro reaction new technologies, new concepts and new products. Among them, Dr. Zhu Baofu was elected as the young member of the micro chemical technology professional committee.
Representatives of Zhongshan Zhian Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting

Dr. Zhu Baofu was appointed as a youth committee member

       ZSMR is committed to building a low-cost high-throughput industrial micro reactor. It continues to invest in research and development of high-throughput micro reactors and forms an advanced product system. The 3D printing alloy micro reactor, high-throughput silicon carbide micro reactor and the golden partner linear constant flow metering pump of the micro reactor are exhibited at the annual meeting of micro chemical technology, and there are an endless stream of visitors.

       Professor Luo Guangsheng of Tsinghua University came to investigate the micro reactor. General manager Ou Zhian explained in detail the breakthrough made by Zhongshan Zhian in the micro reactor. Professor Luo spoke highly of the leading technological achievements and industrial cases made by ZSMR.
       The new micro chemical technology has become an important way to solve the problems of resources and environment, implement the "double carbon" strategic goal and ensure human health. Zhongshan is committed to achieving high-efficiency, green, safe and automatic synthesis, and realizing the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. It is expected to jointly promote the academic research and industrial development of micro chemical industry in China to a new level.

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