"2022 fine chemical continuous process development and continuous flow technology seminar" was successfully held in Nanjing

Conference overview
From July 16 to 17, 2022, the "2022 fine chemical continuous process development and continuous flow technology seminar" was grandly held in Xianlin Hotel, Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu Province. More than 200 experts, scholars and professional technicians from continuous flow, continuous flow, catalysis and engineering amplification participated in the seminar.
The conference was jointly organized by Jiangsu society of chemistry and chemical engineering, School of chemistry and materials science of Nanjing Normal University and Beijing zhongke'an chemical industry technology center, and co organized by Nanjing Institute of advanced biomaterials and process equipment. In the same period, the "2022 third national exchange Seminar on catalytic hydrogenation process and catalyst technology development and industrial application" was held in parallel, "2022 special training course on hazardous reaction and engineering amplification of organic synthesis process" has three venues.
As an advanced continuous equipment enterprise in China, Zhongshan Zhian Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited to participate in the conference. At the conference site, the general micro reactor in the R & D laboratory, the silicon carbide micro reactor with an annual flux of 15000 tons for industrial production, the 3D printed metal micro reactor and the linear flow constant flow metering pump with a full flow range were displayed
The conference site received extensive attention from many scholars and enterprise experts, who came to consult one after another. Dr. Dong Dongdong, the professional and technical personnel of our company and the 3D printing Engineer of the New Materials Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences, the cooperative unit, patiently answered the questions for all experts and scholars on the site. The conference was greatly affirmed by the industry peers and enterprise representatives.

At this conference, Ma Rucheng, assistant general manager of Zhongshan Zhian Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., made a report entitled "innovation and application of high-throughput industrial micro reactor technology", including the design concept of industrial micro reactor, 3D printing and manufacturing technology innovation of micro reactor, structural technology innovation of micro reactor, standard process design of industrial micro reactor and high-throughput industrialization case of Zhongshan micro reactor, It aroused the strong interest of experts and enterprise representatives, and once pushed the high-throughput industrial micro reaction to the focus of discussion on how to realize technological innovation and industrial application in the future.
Zhongshan micro reactor will work with domestic universities and enterprises to promote the continuous and automatic production of fine chemicals; New product process development and basic chemical product process improvement, through optimizing conditions from the process source, improving reaction mode and optimizing unit operation, realize raw material consumption reduction and pollutant emission reduction, improve atomic economy of chemical production and realize clean production of chemical process.
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