Company Info

BESTCHEM is a professional fine chemicals trading company, started from 2005, over more than 10 years growing, we are now one of the best household insecticides and chemical intermediates suppliers in China.

On household insecticides side, we have transfluthrin TC, heptafluthrin TC etc, with full registration at ICAMA, freely sold all over the world, highest standard of quality in China.

On the chemical intermediates side, we have advantage on chrysanthemic acid ( R trans, d-trans, etc), and benzyl alcohol series.

No matter in quality or cost, we have great advantage.

For a better solution to our clients, BESTCHEM has been investing in chemical micro reactions, through days and nights efforts, BESTCHEM micro channel reactors has been successfully implemented to commercial productions.

Quality, Safety, and Efficacy are always our priority, we do hope to bring our clients a better solutions and establish a long term partnership.